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The description of Google Assistant

Go Assistant Google Assistant can help you Android Apk anytime, anywhere. Manage your schedule, get help with daily tasks, Android Apk control smart home devices, enjoy entertainment, and more.

It started with: “Hey Google”

Play music and videos with audio

You can find music by genre, play favorite songs, playlists, podcasts, and music videos, or find the perfect piece of music for activities such as cooking, learning or exercising. You can also skip songs and adjust volume.

“Play fitness music”
Play Discovery Weekly on Spotify
Adjust the volume to 5

Hands-free calling, texting and email

Your assistant helps you keep in touch with the most important people quickly and easily. Make calls and send text messages and draft emails to your contacts.

Read the unread text
Cole Curry
“Sam’s Text” is on the way

You can quickly find answers to businesses, restaurants, and tourist attractions, including opening hours, traffic information, and Google Maps directions. You can also book a ride at your favorite passenger sharing company or find a parking lot near your destination.

“How is the traffic?”
“Where is the nearest café?”
“Tell me directions to the airport”

Keep your schedule in mind and manage your calendar so you don’t forget important appointments and meetings. Set reminders and get notifications so you can check your daily to-do list. The assistant can help you take notes, set timers, add items to the shopping list and set alarms.

“Remind me to drink water every morning.”
Add eggs and bread to my shopping list
“Set alarm for 7 am”

Search and get quick answers online

You can quickly find answers to your questions on the go or at home. When outside, you can get real-time weather forecasts and updates, search for educational videos, check sports scores, search the web or get language translations.

“How is the weather this weekend?”
How much is a euro of 50 dollars?
“Tell me the latest news.”

* Your device must still meet the requirements for using Google Assistant.
* If Google Assistant is already installed on your device, you will not need this app to use Google Assistant.

Go Assistant

Add a powerful, simplified virtual  for your Android device using the Office Google Google Assistant Go app. Click thet icon in the app drawer or say “OK Google” in the microphone to wake up the . It’s that simple and fast!

Google Assistant go almost endless. With this virtual assistant, you can direct or email any of your contacts, you can also contact the contacts or send WhatsApp messages to them. Not only that, you can also set alerts, create reminders, play music, take selfies or check the weather in seconds. All of this can be done with smooth and elegant voice commands.

Most importantly, the Google language can be changed from the options menu. Google Assistant Go is a great virtual assistant that can help you complete almost all tasks on an Android device. [R


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