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APK Mirror is an unofficial app on the APKMirror app download site android Apk, which allows you to download a large number of APK files easily. The app is basically a webpage for the official page, so it doesn’t add many new features beyond some visual customization options.

APKMirror is an interesting app for users who visit websites regularly to download android Apk APK files . It does not provide additional features or speeds up downloads, but at least means that the service can be used with one click. In addition, choosing to use a dark theme is a good bonus.

APK Mirror

New features in version 1.2
Since the last update:
– Use Gradle 5.0!
-Migrate “app” to “appCompat”
Migrate to AndroidX
BottomBar Library Branch Updated to 2.0.0 (Migrated to AndroidX)
– Removing the contributor string from the app (and placing it in the project’s, which is expected to reduce the APK size slightly
Use WebView to browse APKMirror. As the name implies, APKMirror provides APK files. It saves you the hassle of opening a browser and accessing APKMirror by typing the URL, which is the only purpose of the app presence (because who will use a boring browser when you can create a full application for a website What browse the site, is phosphorous free?).


Fast download (depending on the phone)
The ability to choose any download manager
Clean Material Design (I think)
Small size APK size
Anti-Functional Objects (F-Droid Not Yet)

The app itself does not contain any advertising library (FOSS completely).
However, as anyone who visits APKMirror knows, they serve ads. Since the app uses WebView, website ads will also be shown in the app. Remember that they serve ads to keep the site running, so don’t be too rough for them.


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